Concrete mixing plant air system protection

  • HM Machinery

Gas system is one of the main systems of concrete mixing plant. If there is a problem it is to a fault, the entire concrete mixing stations are likely to be paralyzed. Therefore, the gas system of routine maintenance must be carried out on schedule, can not appear negligent. Here Haomei come to you explain this problem; I hope you can help everyday use.


First, air compressor should be placed horizontally, fixed, ventilated.

Second, can not withstand the wind and rain, it can not be in sun exposure.

Third, adjust the air pressure automatic switch upper and lower limits, the cylinder pressure is too low will result in slow movement, excessive pressure on the gas system seals disadvantage.

Fourth, check the oil level, be maintained between oil on the dipstick assembly line, close off the assembly line in the oil, and add new oil.

Fifth, check the belt tension is appropriate, when pressed with a finger strap, belt sag around 10mm is appropriate; replace the entire group should replace the belt in order to maintain a consistent tension.

We mentioned above that the content that you in daily use and maintenance of concrete batching plantwhen we must abide by it. Good maintenance practices can not only make use of the device to work efficiency but also extend the life of your business so as to bring good economic benefits.


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