Introduction The Function Of HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant

  • HM Machinery

HZS90 concrete mixing plant is common in commercial concrete mixing plant production site, belonging to medium-sized commercial concrete mixing station, is by feeding, batching, mixing, electrical control components of high productivity automatic concrete mixing equipment, suitable for medium scale above the construction, precast concrete plants and commodity producers.

HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant.jpg

HZS90 concrete mixing station main features are as follows:

1, the entire device uses modular structure, the whole installation, removal is very convenient.

2,90 concrete mixing plant host using JS1500 compulsory mixer, mixing good quality and high efficiency;

3, using PLD2400 aggregate batching concrete batching machine, loaders material, electronic metering, measurement precision, the use of the inclined belt conveyor aggregate material above the mixing tank with a storage hopper aggregate, can be kept a jar of aggregate reserve; cement by cement silo storage, conveying screw conveyor, cement, said metering; water from the storage tank or reservoir, pump water, said water metering; liquid admixture storage by mixing in additives reservoir tank evenly, pumped to the additive metering said.

4, whole ingredients, mixing, unloading process is controlled by the electronic control system complete automatic control system has: bumpless automatic, semi-automatic and manual control, and these three ways of working between the blending process; automatic tare, auto fall compensation; report printing; POST and alarm functions; control operation rights management parameters; recipes, contracts, materials, vehicles and drivers of computer management; television monitoring; simple and intuitive display and a series of dynamic processes leading technology advantages The control system uses imported components, safe and reliable, good thermal insulation effect of the control room, with air conditioning, a full cost-effective concrete mixing station.


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