The safe operation rules of concrete batching plant

  • HM Machinery


1. Operators of the concrete batching plant who can mount guard after the training of qualified assessment;

2. It strictly avoids the operators working with illness or after drinking, and no smoking in the operation room;

3. Operators should operate properly according to the instructions of the equipment;

4. Every day, operators must have three inspection systems before working, working and after working. The operators should check and fasten the fasteners. In addition, operators should also inspect the reliability of each main switch, button, and indicator, limit device, and make the record of the operation well;

5. Before starting, operators should check whether the gas path and the water supply system is working properly, and check whether the feeding of aggregate bin and cement silo is full;

6. Loiterers keep away in the work area when the concrete batching plant works;

7. When the mixing main engine is working, half-way down is avoided strictly; If the power outage caused downtime, operators should immediately open the discharge door, and then put as much as stirring mixture in cylinder, in order to prevent condensation;

8. If there are some unexpected situations in the process of equipment operation, operators should immediately press the emergency stop button, switch off the system control power down to check, the engine can be restarted after troubleshooting;

9. After the operation, the mixing plant should be comprehensive cleaned and swept after the control power off;

10. The stored water in the water supply system should be released after the operation in winter;

11. Operators should strictly implement the management plan and measures for dust, noise, waste water and waste emissions control, and do a good job of environmental protection.

12. When the concrete mixing plant need to be repaired, the total power must be disconnected, and the special person to guard;


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